Eric Santagada

Hello!  Eric here.  Glad you could stop by!

My purpose in life is to Glorify God and Uplift Humanity by spreading Love, Joy and Peace through Music, Yoga, and Business.


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Music to Uplift Humanity

Music to Uplift Humanity


I was raised in New Paltz, New York.  Now I live in Nashville, TN.  I am focused on writing, performing and recording music, practicing and teaching yoga, and managing a business selling Santagada brand products on Amazon.



I received a business degree from Northeastern University in Boston.  While there, I enjoyed opportunities to study, work, and live in South Africa, Ireland, France, and Honduras.  Music, business, and yoga became my passions.

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After graduating, I and a few others started the American Music Project, a multimedia journey to document some of the United States’ best music cities.  That’s how I ended up moving to Nashville.


I also enjoy yoga, reading, traveling, spending time with friends and family.

Feel free to check out my work and connect with me through my social media links.

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Wishing you great happiness!

-Eric Santagada