Williston, North Dakota

We spent most of this week in Williston, ND at Ashley’s parents’ house. Williston is a fascinating place. Several years ago, vast oil reserves were discovered below the town. Since then, the local economy has exploded, and what was recently a quiet town in the badlands has become a bustling center of industry.

Thousands of men and big companies have descended on the town, looking to stake a claim and make a buck. There are growing pains. Rent is higher here than in New York City or San Francisco. Properties were suddenly worth millions of dollars. Dangerous ‘man camps’ popped up on the outskirts. Scores of oil rigs and apartment complexes materialise on a regular basis. It is a fast-moving case study in capitalism.

After laying low for a few days, practicing and eating delicious home cooked meals, we played a show at the local bar. We played four sets, as usual. We added some new songs, including “Working Man Blues” by Merle Haggard, which I sing, and “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty, where we all switch instruments. Steve, our drummer, plays guitar and sings. Guy plays bass, and I’m on the drums.

Today we are off to Newburg, ND, to start a short stint of one night stands across the state.

Peace, Love, & Thanks,


Boot Hill Residency

We played Wednesday-Saturday night at the Boot Hill steakhouse and nightclub in Gillette, Wyoming. They put us up in the fabulous, wholesome and friendly Arbuckle Lodge. During the days, I woke up to yoga and continental breakfast, and proceeded to play bass, read books about the law of attraction, and write. Later in the day I would head to the spa for some gratitude and meditation practice. At night we would head to the club to play four sets of country music to a receptive audience of locals.

The owner, Rick, is a remarkably sweet and genuine man, a serial entrepreneur who owns several businesses in the area. He made us feel very welcome, fed us prime rib & mountain lion, and even sang a song with us one night – “tougher than the rest” by Chris Ledoux.

I am feeling more and more comfortable with the band and the material, and we are sounding better every night! This job is a blast. I have to pinch myself sometimes – playing bass for a living! So much power in these wiggling fingers!

On Sunday we packed up and took off towards North Dakota, to stay with Ashley’s family for a few days. We stopped at devil’s tower in Montana, a geological rarity. It was magnificent! I’m glad that we are taking the time to enjoy the sights and sounds. The road can be exhausting if it’s go go go all the time!

We’ve got a few shows here in the Dakotas, then it is heading back south east towards Tennessee to arrive home April 21.

Good thoughts create [...]

Weekend in Denver

I’m on tour, playing bass with the Ashley Buchart band. We spent the last three nights in Denver, Colorado.

We played at Cheers, a rock n roll bar, the first night. We had a great sound guy, and it sounded fantastic. We played four sets of country, rock, and Ashley Buchart originals. I sang a couple songs and had some bass solos. We were jumping up on speakers, dancing all over the place, and generally being rock stars!

I may have played my finest solo yet during Long Train Running, interesting because that was the first song I ever remember performing, many years ago in the New Paltz High School cafeteria.

The rest of the weekend we could be found exploring and having fun. Guy used to live in Denver so he knew the spots and introduced us to some great people.

We went up to Boulder one day, exploring beautiful mountainous terrain. The high altitude makes the air feel light and clean. It also makes it difficult to breathe!

We went downtown to see live music later that night, and I started a huge dance party!! We all danced for hours to funky music.

Living in the Ramada hotel was great. Big continental breakfasts, daily hot tub session, hours of peaceful bass practice. I’ve been working on music theory, fretboard theory, country material, jazz improvisation/walking bass, and Celtic reels.

I am truly enjoying tour life. Tonight we are driving to Wyoming to play several shows.

I have been more conscious of my thoughts, and putting out a positive frequency.

Signing off from the road, with love,


A view [...]

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First show with Ashley Buchart Band

We were on the road to the airport by 5am. Peace and quiet at that time. I caught my flight to Chicago, then another to Des Moines to meet the band as they drove across Iowa to the show in Nebraska that night.

Late the previous night, I changed the battery in my bass and the connector part ripped in half. Yikes! Thankfully there was a RadioShack in Des Moines and they had the perfect replacement part. We got a soldering kit as well, and Guy (guitar playing singer) did the repair at the gig.

My amp had been in their trailer for the past week, and something must have gotten jumbled – the XLR output wasn’t working on that either! Both my bass and amp were messed up on the first gig. Quite the challenge.

I remembered the number one piece of advice I had recently read by Taylor swifts bassist – show up on time with gear that works. Whoops!

Luckily there was a music shop here in Grand Island, NE, and they had one DI box left in the store. We flew across town and got there 2 minutes before closing. Someone up there was looking out for me! My rig was all patched up and sounded great.

We proceeded to play four sets to a small, enthusiastic, dancing crowd. It was a blast. We had never even rehearsed, but I think I did a good job.

There was an open bar with a friendly bar tender – that loosened things up a bit as well!!

We stayed in the same hotel where the show was. I’m rooming with Steve the drummer, who is also a Northeastern grad, coincidentally. Good grooving with him! [...]

Manifestation of a Dream

“If you can see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”  These words inspired me to begin visualizing touring the world as a bassist.  I hold the image every day, feeling it and believing it.  Over the last two months, this mindset has put me in the right attitude to make it happen.

Tomorrow I depart on a month-long tour playing bass with the Ashley Buchart Band.  Their bassist got a new gig on short notice, and I jumped at the opportunity, which was posted online.  I went and jammed with them a little bit, and they took me on right away!

I have spent the last week learning the dozens of songs on their set list.  A mix of classic and modern country, as well as some rock classics.  I am doing this through immersion – I downloaded all the music onto my phone and listen to the playlist all the time, even when I sleep.  It’s on right now.  I have been playing the songs on the bass for about four hours per day.  I’m getting confident with all the material, and I’ve never been in better bass-shape.

I truly believe I can be a world-class bassist.  I’m well on my way.  I’ve felt the power of visualization and I am dreaming bigger things now.

Here’s a little exercise about my ideal life in a few years:


I wake up and feel fantastic.  I look out the window, just as the sun peeks over the ocean.  

The Santagada Band headlined a huge music festival last night.  100,000 souls joined us in joyous song and dance.  Everyone performed incredibly, the energy was palpable.  The show was broadcast live all over the world – almost [...]

Busking on Broadway

Busking is street performance.  I’ve busked on the streets of Boston, Austin, and Dublin, and always have a good time.  It’s a great way to experience the thrill of performance, without high levels of expectation from the “crowd.”  Passers-by even give you money, if you impress or inspire them.

I walked downtown, from my house in East Nashville, at sunset.  I had my acoustic guitar and a glass jar filled with small bills. I’ve learned it’s effective to put in some seed money before you start!  I found a nice patch of sidewalk right on Broadway, the main tourist drag.  I had prepared six songs that I played in rotation for the next hour and a half – “Dixieland Delight,” “Workin’ Man Blues,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Long Haired Country Boy,” “On the Road Again” and “The Highwayman.”  This was just enough material, as people usually only stick around for three or four songs at most.

I got a lot of love from locals and tourists alike.  Some old guys came up and sang along.  Some out-of-towners stopped and chatted about their lives.  Some drunk people hooted and hollered all the way out of sight.  I sang happy birthday to a young lady for $5.  At one point, I was surrounded by a high-school volleyball team.  They told me I would be famous some day and that they were my first fan club! :)

All in all, it was an exhilarating way to meet lots of people and get paid to practice!  (I made $35 in 1.5 hours).  Spreading joy through music, that’s the name of the game.  I’ll be down there again soon.  Going to add “Chicken Fried” and [...]

Playing at The Rutledge

On Thursday, I joined the Leah Marie King Band at a Nashville Rock showcase.  It was held at the Rutledge, a great venue downtown.  We had the show filmed, so we prepared to give our A-Game.

The soundman was very talented, and I think it was the best I have ever sounded.  I was conscious to “feel” the music and to give ultimate support to Leah, the singer and soloist.  Zack and I tuned in, creating a serious pocket.  The stage was large, so I added in a healthy dose of stage moves, channeling rock’n’roll heroes and keeping the show visually interesting.

Our intent was to meet the promoters, film a quality set, and enjoy some great music.  I believe we succeeded on all counts.



First Tour

Last weekend marked my first tour from Nashville as a bassist.   I joined the Leah Marie King band for two shows in the midwest.

There were four of us.  Zack, the drummer, is an older dude, well versed in the blues.  He sings and plays harmonica as well.  We’ve gotten tighter together as a rhythm section over the last couple weeks, and he has taught me a great deal about the blues, and shuffle feels.  Mark is Leah’s manager and live sound tech. Great guy from England, he has a good handle on the practical business side of things.  He’s also the driver!  Then there is Leah, who is the artist. She sings, plays guitar, and writes the music.

We left Friday morning in her big green conversion van.  We drove to Tuscarawas, Ohio, where we played at the Canal House to a very receptive audience.  It was a great show – two one-and-a-half hour sets of classic blues, rock, and Leah’s originals.  The crowd was there to listen, and gave up lots of love.  I’m still seeing various facebook pictures and friend requests from the show!

On Saturday we drove to Western Pennsylvania to play a show at The Ski Lodge at Treasure Lake.  They fed us and put us up in beautiful condos.  I had lots of free time to practice bass, eat a tasty lunch, go on a run, and watch the sunset.  It was another great show to a receptive audience.  Different energy, different culture, same hard-rockin’ tunes.

We spent most of Sunday driving home.  I drove with Peter Gallinari, a keyboard player and singer who sat in on Saturday.  He told me stories from his remarkable life to help pass the time [...]

The Source of Happiness

Happiness comes from within.  I’m feeling really good.  I am the master of my own thoughts, attitude, awareness, happiness.

Spring is on the doorstep and I’m playing with several great musical groups.  Been playing so much bass, need to take a little rest.  My hands will thank me.  Going on tour this weekend with the Leah Marie King Band, to Ohio and Pennsylvania!  What fun, and pays well!

Excited to keep living the life of my dreams!  Travel the world making music!  Spread joy and excellence through music!  I am so thankful for my healthy body and mind.  They make everything else possible.  I’ve been eating good food lately – lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, and oily fish.

I got a new job working at a new kind of popup restaurant.  I think it will be valuable people time.  I enjoyed the owner and the manager I met.  The money will be nice too!  Achieve immense wealth and give back!


I just wrote a little song/poem/idea while I’m sitting here, enjoy!


Money Grows on Trees:


plant the seeds, water the leaves

you better believe, money grows on trees


remember when you’re low,

you reap what you sow

raise yourself up,

show the world,

where it is,

you want to go


Ask and ye shall receive.


plant the seeds, water the leaves

you better believe, money grows on trees



Remember when youre high,

you can kiss the sky

remember when youre high

to feel it all,

to feel the love,

to feel alive,



Ask and ye shall receive.


plant the seeds, water the leaves

you better believe, money grows on trees

Ask and ye shall receive.



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The Spice of Life

Two nights ago I saw “The Smokin Section” at Third and Lindsey, a nice venue right around the corner. The band is composed of Nashville session pros playing Funk and R&B. Five singers, full horn section, there must have been 20 people on stage.  I danced all show, spread some positive vibes, and made some new friends.  The band was talented and spontaneous, and they played a few of my favorite Tower of Power tunes.

I also discovered the magic of steamed vegetables.  Healthy, fast way to cook anything!  I was reading about the world’s healthiest foods which gave me the idea:

Later I went to a bar called PLAY, where I  learned how to dance salsa and bachata at a free lesson.  Dancing is so great!  Met some really nice people too.

I’ve also been working on a new Kickstarter project to make a hemp  t-shirt brand called PRO HEMP.  I have been writing copy for the page, and I registered the domain  It’s time to ride the hemp wave!

Playing bass all the time.  Which is starting to pay off – today I got the call for a set of well-paying gigs with the Leah Marie King Band!  She’s a blues/rock artist. We’re going to be doing a two night mini-tour next weekend, and I’ll be part of the house band at a blues jam on Wednesday.  I’ve got to learn two hours of material – covers and originals.

Next week I’ve got three meetings, for potential employment.   I’m excited to get a part time job – to meet some people, have new experiences and make money.

First is with Larry black from Larry’s Country Diner.  Second is for a server position at a new event center [...]

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