Their pleasant chatter slowly fades into peaceful stillness.  They sit, cross legged, spines erect, breathing deeply, gazing into each other’s eyes.

He focuses on her right eye.  Soft, loving, twinkling.  Layer after layer peel away, revealing deeper and deeper tenderness and authenticity.
He switches to her left eye.  A different tone – active, sharp, clear.  She feels the shift, and smiles.
Their breathing harmonizes. Their energies meld and multiply.  Lost in her eyes, the peripheral world suddenly morphs into wavering beams of light energy.  Her very face subtly transforms into the archetype of the goddess.  Only the eye contact is fixed and steady.

Their minds are still, strong, entrained.  Awe prevails, love surges through their hearts.  He can feel her heartbeat, and an electric buzzing, through their intertwined fingers.

The sun breaks through the window and illuminates their faces.  Energy multiples, and sends them both soaring into the spiritual sky.
Their pretenses dissolve into pure joy of being.  Observing this divine love flow through them, without judgement or expectation.


Love wins.