I’m two weeks into a ten week tour with the Ashley Buchart Band.  We travel all over the country, playing about five shows each week.

I’ve been keeping journal in my Iphone; Allow me to recap what we’ve been up to since leaving Nashville!


Wednesday May 14

We drove all night to Colorado, where we received the finest type of hospitality.  We played one night at Sarti’s Bar, and while there, the bar owner put us up, fed us three meals daily, provided free drinks at the show, and sent us off with extra cash and supplies.  The crowd loved our music, and we shook off the two-week rust in no time.

Thursday May 15

We played at the Buzzard’s Roost in Lamar, Colorado.  Great crowd, fun elevated stage with lots of props and character.  The owners put us up at a sweet little inn down the street.  I enjoyed walking up and down main st, listening to music and checking out shops.  I made some friends in the local Christian coffee shop, “Brew Unto Others,” found a cool old guitar songbook, and got a neck pillow for our long drives!

Friday May 16

Off to Ulysses, KS.  We stopped at a grocery store and loaded up on much needed fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.  It can be hard to eat well on the road, but we are doing a good job.  I’m sparing no expense to maintain good health.

We played well at the Iron Horse Bar.  Some guy gave me $60 for an unknown reason after we talked for a few minutes.

Saturday May 17

Up early, driving to Denver.  Thinking a lot about Law of Attraction.  Attracting music, money, ideas, health, perfection.  Young Musician Toolkits are on the way.  They look Fantastic!  I am so happy and grateful to spread joy through music.

Decided to donate 10% of profits from toolkits to Room to Read and other education programs.  Went on a great run around the Ramada we stay in – beautiful area, lots of people out and about enjoying life.

At night we played Cheers Bar, a place we hit last tour.  Excellent show and sound.  We were treated royally.

Sunday May 18

Continental Breakfast, tons of fruit, veggie omelet, buscuits and gravy.  Played guitar for an hour, then read some Prentice Mulford on my phone.

Then we drove 17 hours to Reno, Nevada.  I listened to music, read, meditated, and thought.

Monday May 19

After a brief sleep and hot tub at the Nugget Casino we are back on the road, headed to Santa Cruz CA.  We spent the night walking around the pier and the beach.  A lovely town with lovely vibes.

Tuesday May 20

We visited a Redwood Forest, got some tasty Mexican buffet, and hit a couple beaches.  At night we made a fire on a secluded beach, cooked dinner, and played some acoustic music.

Wednesday May 21

Traveled to Fremont, CA.  Played the legendary country music venue, the Saddle Rack.  Stayed in the Holiday Inn Express – a simply wonderful hotel chain!

Thursday May 22

Traveled to Folsom, CA, to play one night at the Powerhouse Bar.  Folsom was a wonderful little town with lots of character.  We stayed in a nice hotel, I went on a nice long run around the river, swam in the pool, all that good stuff!  I sang Folsom Prison blues to an enthusiastic crowd.

Friday May 23

Back to Fremont to play two more nights at the Saddle Rack.  A lot more people this time around, and tons of lovely young ladies.  Country music seems to have a primarily female audience – unexpected perk!

Saturday May 24

Steve and I spent a good chunk of the day walking around San Francisco.  We took the DART to downtown and walked for hours, wandering and exploring this marvelous city.  Made it back in time to rock the Saddle Rack, many hundreds of people in attendance.  It was a great show!

Sunday May 25

Up and on the road to Sacramento, to play an outdoor afternoon show at Swabbies Bar/Restaurant/Marina.  We played creatively, I felt we all were really feelin’ in by the end.  We drove into the night to arrive in Los Angeles.

Monday May 26

I spent most of the day playing music in the hotel room, swimming in the pool and exploring the immediate area.  Ate out at a wonderful hibachi bar.  Made my way to Sam Ash, where I played several basses – I had never played a 6 string before – what a trip!  So fun!

Tuesday May 27

That’s today!  Ashley and Guy are in the studio, Steve and I are takin’ it easy.  I’ve been working on getting my new product on Amazon, and of course, playing bass and working on songs on the guitar.  Great life!  Tomorrow we are off to a residency in Nevada.


Until then, Peace, Love, and Thanks!